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Hawaii, USA

Visit Hawaii. Let fresh air, bright sea-water, fertile rainforest refill your energy. There are several delightful activities for travelers like discovering a sacred active volcano, riding a mule along steep sea cliff to see fantastic scenery and enjoying a large number of water sports. Do not forget to rest at local pub listening to live music or watching Hula dance. Breathtaking Hawaiian beaches suits with all walks of life. That why Hawaii is “Travelers.’


Milan, Italy

The fashion center in the world, you can update your trend in Milan. There are many brand name products here – Gucci, Versace, Prada and so on. Then, visiting Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, it will make you to be impressed with historical arts. Moving yourself to take photo in front of the Cathedral, this view will guarantee that you visit Milan.


Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is absolutely an entertainment city in the world as it can arouse over millions of tourists in a year. You can keep in touch with well-known celebrities in the movie star home tours, and have fun in Disneyland—the most famous amusement park. Following its history, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles can clue you to know brightly. Don’t forget to take photos with the Hollywood sign in the Barndall Art Park to show others that you have already visited Los Angeles.


Miami, USA

Miami is one of the US’s renowned cities which charm visitors over millions a year. This city has a lot of prepossessing fine arts and historical museums for travelers to discover. Tourists can enjoy picnicking, sunbathing, dog walking or cycling while seeing the beautiful view of Miami at Barnacle Historical State Park. Do not forget to rest at the city’s appealing beaches to attend various pleasant activities, such as swimming, diving and playing jet skiing through crystal-clear seawater. Visit Miami’s popular day spa where the superb aromatherapy treatment will refill your energy. At night, enjoy seafood menus at local restaurant and then please yourself with all the world’s types of music from classic to techno in The Lemming Theater. Travel to Miami and receive the best vacation in your dream!